[Archive] Hotels and Local Information – AHS 2017

Conference Venue

AHS 2017 will be held at

Lees-Kubota Lecture Hall,
101 Guggenheim, and
The Gates-Thomas auditorium,
California Institute of Technology,
Pasadena, CA, USA.


Local Information

Find below some local information about getting to Pasadena, parking, and hotels in the area.

An interactive map of Caltech can be found here:

A printable PDF map is here:

Closest parking is across Wilson Avenue, number 124 on the maps. The parking pay station is on the second level. The neighboring parking lot, 124, does not have a pay station, you have to go into 123 to pay, so might as well go there anyway.

Little Secret: the parking along Wilson Ave. is free, all day long, and even closer than the parking lot. But it fills up by 8 AM or so. Except for the stretch from ~100 feet south of Del Mar to California Ave., parking in the area is limited to 2 hours.

Directions to Caltech (


There will be no official conference hotel. All events will take place on Caltech campus.

Hotels can be found on the list maintained by Caltech ( Not all the hotels on the list are close by, so be sure to check location before booking. The ones that are closest are Sheraton Pasadena, Hilton Pasadena, Vagabond Inn, Howard Johnson, and Saga Motor Inn.

A. Pasadena Hilton, has Caltech agreement (in general, we need to check for this meeting).
B. Vagabond, probably least expensive, also closest to meeting.
C. Westin, more expensive.
D. Pasadena Sheraton, government rates, free shuttle to Caltech, close to Metro
E. Pasadena Inn, no agreement, but generally good rates, close to Metro.
F. Saga Motor Inn, good rates, a long-time standard, independent, not a chain.
G. Courtyard by Marriott, in Pasadena Old Town.
H. Howard Johnson – it’s a standard HoJo.

If you choose to take public transport, perfectly possible from LAX to Pasadena, take the FlyAway bus from LAX to Union Station,, $7 pay when you arrive at Union Station. From the bus plaza enter the tunnel to the train station (goes under the tracks). At the far end on the right, before entering the terminal, is the Gold Line Metro (not Red Line, which is on the left at the other end of the tunnel where you first enter). Buy a ticket from the machine, which may involve paying $1 for a AP farecard plus the $1.75 fare (but the card will work for the return, and forevermore if you come to L.A. again), board the train toward Pasadena (Sierra Madre Villa terminus), get off at Del Mar Station in Pasadena, and you are within a short walk of the Sheraton, a longer walk to the other hotels. Metro schedule and map is here: